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RC Revenge (PS2)

RC Revenge is pretty much RC Revenge for the PSX with slower framerates and added background elements.

RC Revenge for the old gray mule was the successor the flawed (very flawed) but nonetheless fun game Revolt. The object of the game, much like the object of its two offspring was to race miniature cars around a miniature track and win by avoiding all of the pitfalls that can get in the way of an RC car. It seems as if the game hasn't caught up with the times and consequently the sequel are no better than the previous. In some ways RC Revenge Pro is worse.

The frame rate gets absolutely atrocious in some places and the addition of extra background effects is the cause of this. Beside the drastic reductions in frame rates and dolled up graphics nothing in the new PS2 version distinguishes this version from the PSX.

The sound goes well with the levels, but the tracks are too short so you'll hear the same few notes looping endlessly throughout the race. Yes, the score matches the levels, but that still doesn't mean you'll want to listen to it.

The Bottom Line: This is just about the same as the PSX version, if you're a die-hard RC racing buff and you have that one, don't waste your money and buy the upgrade.  It wasn't even that good on the Playstation, and this version is worse because on slowdown.

SOUND: 4.5/10
- The score matches the levels, but that still doesn't mean you'll want to listen to it. The tracks are short and they repeat a lot, too.

- Average for a Playstation game, but pretty bad for Playstation 2. They didn't try very hard now did they.

- The control gets pretty gnarly when the slowdown kicks in. Except for that, the game does pretty good for itself.

- There are no extras to keep you coming back.

FUN: 2.5/10
- Nothing new now. Nothing new when it was first made on the PSX. It wasn't even very good then.

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