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Mortal Kombat 4 (N64)

Mortal Kombat 3 may be one of the very best games around, and it easily the best fighting game on Nintendo 64. With it's 3D graphics, and great sound, it is a great buy! Even non Mortal Kombat fans will like this! With 15 fighters of pure polygons, they are ready to bust up anyone who dares challenge them

With 7 difficulty levels, and many many modes of play, this game has a high replay value! here are many features. -arcade (1 on 1, 2 on 2) -tournament (basically the same as Mortal kombat trilogy) Endurance modes (1 player, 2 players, Ultimate (only the best players will be able to beat ultimate!)) team modes (very fun) practice mode (in case you want to learn how to be cheap, the 2 player practice rocks!!!!) and a options mode that can seriously alter game play! I can never leave this game alone! Because all the characters have different endings, and all the modes of play, it draws you in... very good purchase, especially for the amount of hours you get out of it!

I can't quit playing this game! why? Because it is just plain fun! There is so many combo's that you can mix and match, and all the fatalities are fun to do and watch! The Versus Screen Codes make the game even funnier! try the big head code (321-321) for some mega laughs! I couldn't stop laughing! they look so funny! and some screams are pretty funny too (oh my leg!). But the best part is playing the game through, and seeing the endings, they are really cool, cause they are actually animated! really cool sounds!

The computer can be very cheap when It wants too, but I just be cheap back, the real frustration is Goro, his throw takes off 40% and it is not possible to beat him with some people, he is very cheap! as well as Tanya! If you want a fair fight, don't choose a tower with Tanya on it! She is very cheap!

This game is a very good buy! You will get many hours of fun and enjoyment out of this game, except when fighting against Goro, but oh well, I recommend it any day, any time, it is better than a rental! if you rent it, you will feel like you need to get it. If you are a Mortal Kombat fan, go out and get in NOW! It is a very fun game, and stands true to other Mortal Kombat games, way better. So, if you think you will like it, then go buy it!! It is way funnier than it sounds! Home >> Games
User Review
SOUND: 9/10
- The sound is great, the screams and moans are cool, and rock in surround sound! but the only flaw is some sounds are weird (why does Raiden say oh my leg when he gets hit in the face?). Other than that, the music in the game is really cool, and some is better than others (the music on the snake stage rocks!!!!), and the sound FX is cool. Especially when you pick up a rock.

GRAPHICS: 9.5/10
- Mortal Kombat 4 has great graphics, and it is running at an incredibly fast 60 fps! Just like the arcade! there is only little polygonal break up when a stage gets at the wrong angle. But besides that, almost arcade perfect. The fatalities are just awesome in 3D (you should see Liu Kangs dragon!!!!) It is really cool.

CONTROL: 10/10

- With 7 difficulty levels, and many many modes of play, this game has a high replay value!

FUN: 9.5/10
- This Game is very worth the price! You get many hours out of this game. The price is a small price to pay for a near perfect arcade translation of the game, and you save a lot of quarters!

- Reviewed by Netman