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Men In Black 2 (GBC)

Crave games is at it again with Men in Black 2, a game in the tradition of old school platform game in which the main point is to find some odd object that just happens to be strewn through each level in the game. The object in this game is to find sunglasses, Agent K and J's signature Ray-Bans, through eight theme levels. Levels that bring us back to the days of ineptly designed NES side scrollers. Though inept level design doesn't mean fun is lacking in the game and if you have an hour to blow, you might as well blow it fighting Sasqatch in the arctic or blowing the heck out of forest creatures with a Noisy Cricket. This game is good enough to tide you over until you can find another, better GameBoy Color game lying around.

SOUND: 4/10
- Where is Will Smith's "Men In Black" theme song? Where are all the pounding scores by Danny Elfman? All the music sounds the same -- like that dang blasted whinny Pokèmon Music, sigh.

- The graphics are adequate for the GameBoy Color. Nothing to write home about, though. They remind me of Rocketeer for Nintendo, remember that? I didn't think so.

- The characters move well, they jump, run and do everything else you would expect from a spritely platform game.

- You can play as both Agent K or Agent J, but then again, they are the same character except for skin color.

FUN: 5/10
- How fun can picking up 4 pairs of Rayban sunglasses through 8 levels? Relatively fun if you've got a couple hours to burn and no other games around.

OVERALL: 4.6/10
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